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I’ve been designing websites since 2003. The small selection below shows you some of the more recent designs.
All screenshots are linked to their respective sites and will open in a new tab / window.
Most sites are maintained by the authors themselves. Don’t hold me responsible for outdated / missing content, please.

Responsive Websites

‘Responsive’ means that the website will adapt to any screen size, i.e. they look good on desktop, tablet and phone. They are mobile-friendly.
The sites below are all powered by WordPress.
All WordPress templates have been either 100% coded from scratch or were built using a customized Child Theme of Divi by Elegant Themes.

Screenshot: Lynn Raye Harris Website
Screenshot: Lady Sherlock Books Website
Screenshot: Angela James Website
Screenshot: Tessa Dare Website
Screenshot: Brenna Aubrey Website
Screenshot: Katie MacAlister Website
Screenshot: Lani Lynn Vale Website
Screenshot: Lisa Berne Website
Screenshot: HOT Website
Screenshot: HHRW Website
Screenshot: Charlotte Hubbard Website
Screenshot: The Morgans' Ranch Website

Non-Responsive Websites, Custom Design

The sites below are all powered by WordPress.
All WordPress templates have been coded from scratch but they are not responsive.

Screenshot: Katy Evans Website
Screenshot: Sarah Castille Website
Screenshot: C. Greenwood Website
Screenshot: Elizabeth Boyle Website
Screenshot: Milly Taiden Website
Screenshot: Lacy Danes Website
Screenshot: LH Merci Website
Screenshot: Lexi George Website

Why WordPress?

I specialize in WordPress powered websites that are self-hosted (i.e. not set-up at However, if you are not a friend of WordPress, I can also design the website of your dreams without a CMS (= Content Management System).

A content management system allows everyone to update their own website without having an extensive knowledge of HTML and other internet programming languages. WordPress is such a CMS and best of all it is free. You can read more about it here: There’s a learning curve involved when working with WordPress, but compared with a common website it still gives you enough ease to master and manage if not all areas of your website at least most of them. Though don’t despair I’m happy to guide you as well as partial or fully maintain your site too. I am there when you need me but don’t stand in your way if you don’t. The times where a webmaster was a must when operating an own website are a thing of the past thanks to content management systems like WordPress. If you want to manage your own site, have at all times full access to it w/o being dependend on a webmaster, when WordPress is for you.
I don’t give you just a standard WordPress site with default features but customize it so it’s the perfect basis for a website dedicated to authors. Printable booklists that update itself whenever you add a new book? No longer a dream. Saving time hunting down print order links to online stores like Amazon, B&N & co.? I can modify WordPress so it uses clever ISBN scripts that automatically generate all those links for you. And ebook links… how about easy copy & paste?

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